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Someone call 911.
There’s been an accident.
Our body’s just collided into each other, shattering into a million pieces.
My thighs are shaking to the thought of your hands wrapped around them like ribbons. My neck is—-

I can’t write about this.


What if our hearts could speak out loud? What if you could hear everything that my heart’s yelling at your bony fucking shoulder blade? My heart would be so loud we’d vibrate chest to chest.

Because I’m too angry to whisper. I’m too angry to stay quiet. And though no words are spoken, my heart is screaming at the top of my lungs behind it. My circulatory system has deafened by my heary’s noise, because you’e made it so fucking distraught.

And all it ever wanted was to be heard. 149/365

When I have previously searched for love,

I felt like I was searching for a needle in a haystack.

Even when I was certain I was onto something,

I was left with nothing but a pricked finger and a tired back.

But, you?

You are right in front of me,

No searching.

No digging.

No hurting.

You are right there,

And you are love.

This feels easy.

This feels right.

I would prick all my fingers 50 times each all over again

If it all leads up to you.


Poems For You - Series
  1. Let me be super upfront.
    Let’s cut to the chase.
    I don’t give a fuck about what’s between your legs.
    I give a fuck about what’s between your ears.
    I give a fuck about what you’ve been through over the years.
    Why is love refundable?
    Don’t even hand me a receipt.
    I am so sure I’m never going to want to return this.
    Your body should not be your worst enemy.
    All of your unwanted parts and curves? I will take them in.
    I will make them feel at home.
    You are home to me.
    I don’t care what the basement looks like.
    I don’t care if the front porch has a few loose nails.
    I have the proper tools to make this work for us.
    You are not broken. You’re just a fixer-upper.
    Aren’t we all, though?
    I care about the very center room of who you are.
    You hate it, because you haven’t been in it in years.
    Not since she told you it was hideous.
    I’m going to dust all the shelves.
    I’m going to make it the most lived in space.
    You won’t even recognize it because it will be so much more beautiful than you ever dreamt it could be.
    Let me paint your walls happy.
    The brightest shade, too.
    It might as well be dark, because I’m only ever going to be looking at you. You’re the only thing I have to see.
    Even in the darkest night, I can feel my way through you.
    I can find your lips. They feel so familiar already.
    They feel like home. And I won’t ever abandon home.
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I miss you, and I don’t want to.
Do I love you, or am I just addicted to the pain?

This is For You, Ya’ Piece of Shit

I try to conjure up words that can explain what you did to me. But, the truth is nothing can epitomize the pain you brought upon me. Abandonment. Above all, you were abandonment. You left me lying in the middle of the road. You left me for dead. Our love was just a hit-and-run for you. An entire year spent running me over with your high horse, and you still have yet to see the bruises on my ribs. I am broken. I am road kill.
You will never love me as much as you love yourself.


I still feel you in my bones, like someone engraved your existence into them. If you ever feel like you’re losing yourself, it’s because you’re disappearing into my skeleton. You’re fading into me. But, it isn’t filling me out. It’s actually causing me to fade away, too. I’m in ruins.