Anonymous: Did you know, you're the most attractive person on this earth. And well on Mars too. Well maybe not mars. But maybe. Stay positive. :')

Aw, how kind of you!! :’))))

I miss you, and I don’t want to.
Do I love you, or am I just addicted to the pain?

This is For You, Ya’ Piece of Shit

I try to conjure up words that can explain what you did to me. But, the truth is nothing can epitomize the pain you brought upon me. Abandonment. Above all, you were abandonment. You left me lying in the middle of the road. You left me for dead. Our love was just a hit-and-run for you. An entire year spent running me over with your high horse, and you still have yet to see the bruises on my ribs. I am broken. I am road kill.
You will never love me as much as you love yourself.


I still feel you in my bones, like someone engraved your existence into them. If you ever feel like you’re losing yourself, it’s because you’re disappearing into my skeleton. You’re fading into me. But, it isn’t filling me out. It’s actually causing me to fade away, too. I’m in ruins.


I Wrote This For a Random Guy in North Carolina

I have only ever visited NC 3 times in my entire life. I like lots of cream and sugar in my coffee.
I have never broken a bone in my life. I have, however, felt very broken.
And that hurts more than breaking a nose or an arm or a rib even.
If I could sum up all the things that break me, they all add up to a whole. I am whole because of the things that break me apart.
One of the three times that I visited NC, I stood at the top of a mountain that I cannot recall the name of and breathed a long breath.
The air was cold and stale and harsh.
But, damn, it felt good.
If your heart is in the mountains, can I sit in the seat across from it?
When I breath a long breath, know that I am not sighing. I’m just taking you in.
I will take you in only twice, once for each bone you’ve ever broken. What I’m trying to say is, would you like to have coffee with me sometime, my darling valentine?